Onslo is a straight-earred, Scottish Fold cat born January 6, 2000.

Onslo: Medical Mystery Miracle

Waiting for Daisy

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Onslo Goes to Work


Onslo is a handsome grey and white stripe. He is a quiet, shy boy with the soul of a poet. Onslo enjoys chasing paper balls, watching squirrels and birds from the safety of his inside perch, and helping to make beds.


Hey you. I could use a towel here.   What are you lookin' at you stupid

                               Scottie? You're just a cookie jar.



Relaxing on the throne  


Ready for St. Paddy's Day                   The Furminator


Buzz in my gal Friday, will ya.


Onslo and a wee friend.              Onslo's hand painted ornament.



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