The Scottie Cake

Note: Link to cutting diagram at bottom of page+ link to Scottie Pie


Bake two 8” sq. cakes. Do not ice. I used two cake mixes to give me 2 bigger, puffier cakes. Have a glass of milk handy.

After the cakes have cooled, turn them out carefully onto a big cutting board or some kind of work surface. Leave one whole and cut the other in 1/2. Put 1 of the halves with the whole cake to form the body. The Scottie’s body then measures 12” across and 8” down.

At the top rt. corner, cut off a triangular piece at about a 60 degree angle that measures 3” down and 1” across the top. Turn this piece around and use for the tail.

With the unused 1/2, cut a rectangular piece that measures 4” x 6”. This will be the head. Before putting the head in place, cut an angle off the top corner of the body where the head will be. This cut piece should measure about 1.5” down and 2.5” across. Eat this piece. Wash it down with a slurp of the milk.

With the piece remaining from the head cut, cut a triangle shaped piece that measures 2.5” - 3” across the top and 1.5” down at about a 60 degree angle. This will be the ears. Eat the remaining piece and follow with a slurp of milk.

At the bottom of the body, measure over from the front end 4”, cut up 2”, measure across 4” and cut down 2”. You will have a cut out piece that measures 2” x 4”. Eat this piece. Wash it down with another slurp of milk. The hole from the cut gives you the legs. The Scottie shape is complete. Eat any remaining pieces and wash down with milk. Save a small amount of milk.

Have 2 cans of chocolate icing ready or use your own recipe in an equivalent amount. Ice over the “seam” areas first where pieces have been put together so the cracks are covered and the pieces “cemented” together. Then, ice the entire cake including the sides. Swirl the icing at the feet, the tummy, and the face to simulate the Scottie’s hair. After icing, lick the knife clean and follow with the remainder of the milk.

Use a candy for an eye. I used a caramel with a white center, but you could use a dark candy and set it in a dab of white icing. I used a tube shaped licorice for the nose but you could use a large licorice jelly. I used some licorice slivers for the toe nails that I cut from some hard licorice coins that I found. You can get fancy and use colored icing to make a collar, bow, harness, or vest.

The Scottie Cake, good for the soul and a great source of calcium!

Make sure you take photos before the Scottie is eaten.

Cake Diagram

Scottie Pie