Ode to the Scottish Terrier

In memory of Celtic Pride, 10/04/01 (RB)

Winner, Scottish Terrier Club of America Poetry Contest 2003

(A limerick)

A Scotty’s a tough one to know.

If you go fast, he’s sure to go slow.

Ask him to sit

He’ll surely throw a fit.

Doggie obedience is for mere dogs, don’t you know.


A Scotty’s one tough little pup.

When chasing moles he never gives up.

He runs them to ground,

Then proudly looks 'round.

Just your approval is his loving cup.


A Scotty's like no other canine.

He’s loyal and stoic and does not whine.

When an Arooo he sings out

It’s an alert Scottie shout.

Of something strange it’s surely a sign.


A Scotty’s on guard by the book,

Against stranger, kitty cat, or crook.

He’s a very cocky dude

With a bit of a ‘tude.

Ignoring a Scotty will earn you The Look.


A Scotty was my best friend,

Always there to help my heart mend.

He could be a clown

To help banish a frown,

But he was a friend, true friend, to the end.

                                                               By Lee Juslin   

          Hampshire Hooligan Home