The Newest Hooligan

Welcome to Big Boy, the newest Hooligan.

Big Boy is working hard to learn all the things he needs to know to be a Hooligan.



Tarquin teaches Big Boy how to use the front door to keep an eye on troublesome neighbors, squirrels, and the dreaded Doxies.


Sitting on the Hooligan bench to look out the Hooligans' window is easy for BB.


Jumping up on the bed is no problem for Big Boy.  In a Hooligan Jumping Competition, Big Boy will win paws down.



Using the Hooligans door is another matter.

Have you called Jenny yet?


Obviously BB will need a special order Hooligan Kilt to be purchased at the    Big & Tall Kilt Store.


Big Boy tries to relax on THE BED.


Frosty tries to teach BB appropriate portion size as well as the fact that a princess does NOT share her food.


Hooligans: One for all and all for one.