The Great Hotdog Hunt


Deep in the jungle, two brave Hooligan hunters are going after big game: Hotdogs. In a jungle marsh, the brave hunters search out their quarry.


The Hooligan Hunters get last minute instructions from Dad.


Tarq peeks out from deep jungle cover searching for the elusive Hotdogs.


Frosty waits in the bog, hidden by jungle plants. Here Hotdoggie.


The elusive, but very tasty quarry is spotted.

   Tarq after a successful dive.


Uh, wait a minute. I'm supposed to put my head in the water? You're kidding, right? Why, I'd mess my do!

The brave Wheatie hunter after a successful day in the jungle.

Can someone call take out? Because this girl is not, NOT, getting her do wet, no way, no how!