T. Tiger




T. Tiger was one of the feral cats we feed. We believe he was the only survivor from a litter of four. Early on he was friendly and allowed us to pat him. At first, we thought he was female so we decided to have "her" spayed and keep her as an outdoor cat. Imagine our surprise when the vet called and said: She's a he!

Okay, still could be an outdoor boy. We built him an insulated house with a bed, but he preferred to stay in the garage and he especially liked to get involved when we were working on something in the garage. Every morning when I opened the garage door he was first in. He became more friendly and trusting; entwining himself around our legs, begging to be patted. We started feeding him special treats and then, one day, I held the back door open and in he came.

He was tentative at first but soon realized he had lots of good food, cuddling, friends to play with, warmth, and soft places to sleep. We think he was born in the spring of 2015, and now he is officially a Hooligan.


Best of all, T. Tiger and L'il B have become BFFs. They play together, groom each other, and, as you can see, cuddle together.