L'il B

L'il B wandered into our yard one day as part of the feral colony we feed in our garage. From the beginning he was different. Handicapped with only 3 usable legs and blind in one eye, he was more approachable and loved the company of the other cats often seeming to reassure them that we were okay.

We think LB may have been a maitre d' in a past life as he took to ushering in other, shyer cats to the food bowl in the garage and often eating with them.

It didn't take LB long to appreciate the magical qualities of catnip (see above) or to play in a box.


He quickly learned the porch was the place to hang out, but he refuses to use the pet door. Instead, he meows imperiously for one of his servants to open it for him.

Evenings find him resting in upside down Foldie position nestled into his chosen spot on the couch.

He has learned that Tarq is no threat and allows him to lie nearby.

We estimate that LB was born in the wild late Spring 2011.


Ode to LB (the Scottish Fold Wannabe)

He was a funny little boy and not very old.

Perfect to learn all things Scottish Fold.

So he learned to lie with his feet pointed skyward.

Because "nap" as we all know is a Foldie by-word.

But hard as he tried with all of his might,

His ears in the end just wouldn't bend right.



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