Daisy's 1st Christmas

She was a shy little girl when she came to our house.

              She'd never had catnip and never chased a mouse.                 

As time went on she grew more bold.

Wondrous stories of Santa she was repeatedly told.

So, I'll hang my stocking and in the morning I'll find

It's stuffed full of goodies and all of them MINE!

Then, 'twas the night before Christmas

When all through the halls

Hooligans were running and playing with tennie balls.

Mom and Dad were in bed and asleep like the dead.

So, it was only the Hooligans who heard the sled.

It landed on the roof with a soft little bump.

Then came a scrape, a stomp, and a thump.

"It's Santa," shouted Tarquin. "He's here! He's here!"

"Be quiet, silly Wheatie, or he might disappear."


The Hooligans raced from room to room.

They looked in the closet even back behind the broom.

They looked in the kitchen behind the sink.

They couldn't find Santa and didn't know what to think.


Daisy joined in the hunt to find Santa Claus,

Though secretly she thought the whole thing a lost cause.

"This Santa's a fake," said the little striped cat.

"No he's not," said Frosty. "He wears a red suit with a hat."


The Hooligans were tired and ready for bed.

Maybe it was true what Daisy had said.

Could Santa be a phony, a charlatan, a crook?

But Frosty said, "No, there's one more place left to look."

So down the hall crept the worn out three

To check in the living room under the tree.

And what did their wondering eyes there behold?

Why it was Santa with Onslo, a very smug Fold.


"Santa's not lost and doesn't need to be found.

His spirit is here with us all the year round.

So, Daisy," he said. "Now what do you think?"

"I think it's a fraud, a sham, and a really big stink!

I hung my stocking with the requisite care.

But, look, there it hangs and still very bare.

I want catnip and mousies," she began to scream.

"And come morning this better all be a bad dream!"

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